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Guest Preacher Mike Gomez


Here's a brief testimony of Pastor Mike Gomez . I like many, grew up in a broken home, my father left when I was six years old, at age 11 I was introduced to hardcore pornography by a neighbor kid, which led to all kinds of destructive behavior. at age 12 started to drink and by high school I had a real drinking problem as well as doing all kinds of drugs. I enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school, but after two years, I was right back to where I started and getting worse, dealing and doing all kinds of drugs, but especially methamphetamine (speed) in and out of jail for various stupid things, filled with hate and violence going nowhere fast, and sincerely thinking I’d be dead before I was 25. That all changed on July 24th 1988 when after being awake for 3 days on meth, drinking and smoking Marijuana, my girlfriend and I were invited to church by my sister, prior to going to the evening service I did another line of speed, went to the church service with my girlfriend, and Meth in my wallet and marijuana in my pocket. That night I not only got saved but completely delivered from drugs and alcohol, I told my girlfriend that we could no longer be carrying on the way we’d been, and she agreed, and eventually she became my wife in 1991.
    In a nutshell because of my own salvation experience, I believe God can save and deliver anybody from anything and that anybody can be changed as they experience God’s salvation for themselves.

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Water Baptism