Pastor Wesley


Wesley and Hannah Pinnick are very excited to be pastoring in Long Beach, CA, they recently moved here from Tucson, AZ to take over a pioneer church. They were both raised in Godly homes by Godly parents who gave them the opportunity to grow up around the things of God. Wesley Joined the military at age 19 and served in the Middle East from 2004-2005, during that time Hannah was finishing high school and pursuing her education as a Surgical technologist. The 2 of them met at a bible conference and married in the summer of 2011. Now married they pioneered a college bible study with a local church and saw fruit yielding results, they passed that ministry off to accept an internship as a Youth Pastor in Tucson, AZ. During their time as a staff member the church invested wisdom, knowledge, and experience which they continue to tap into today. In March of 2014 they were approached to take over a pioneer work in Long Beach, CA and are here to raise their family and build the church.